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I lead end-to-end Product Design processes

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From fast-paced start-ups environments to enterprise-grade B2B software, I've had a blast designing products that people love. I bring a high-velocity, highly collaborative, and human-centred profile and always seek to extract the best (and wackiest) ideas from my team test them against our target users as quickly as possible.

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What I offer

From fast-paced start-ups environments to enterprise-grade B2B software, I've had a blast designing products that people love.

UX Strategy

Based on the your circumstances, I’ll advise and design the process to get us from fuzzy metrics to happy customers

Process Design

Workshop facilitation

Defining UX and Business Outcomes

Design Discovery

I thrive in environments of uncertainty. Using research, data, creative explorations and prototyping, we'll make sense of any mess.

User and market research

Lo- and hi-fi Prototyping

Hypothesis and user testing

Shipping awesomeness

Once we've validated we're meeting the customer and business needs with our designs, I'll all about taking things to the next-level

Pixel-perfect UI Designs

Design System Tokens

Front-End Work

I worked with Niels over the course of a year on challenging user experience and design projects leading to the release of several successful new features. Consistently, Niels brought intelligence, great design, systems-thinking and sound judgement to his work. He was a pleasure to work with at the team and individual level, and I can recommend Niels without reservation to any forward-thinking, customer-centric organisation looking to create new value in their products through design, user experience, and innovative thinking for features and new capabilities.

Benjamin Keyser

I worked with Niels at Zendesk. Niels worked as a product designer with me. We worked on a few different projects together. Niels worked really well with the engineering teams and product teams to deliver on what customers and the business needed. Working with him was really easy and he was always willing to take input and feedback and worked through any challenges in his way. Niels also led a number of initiatives from the design side. He led designs sprints, workshops and other activities with the team to flesh out ideas and requirements. From there he really owned the process of taking all that input, turning it into a prototype and testing it with customers. I'd definitely recommend Niels as a great, collaborative product designer who works well with product and engineering and has a ton of valuable skills to bring to the team.

Ryan McGrew

Niels joined MyTutor 2 years ago, to help us mature a fast-growing new tutoring product for schools. I really enjoyed working with Niels. He brought great ideas to the table, a strong commitment to our mission and a creative energy to the business that grew our appreciation of great UX and design. Along his MyTutor journey, Niels contributed heavily to innovations that made a big impact. He has helped to make our programmes easier for schools to manage, ensured our tutors can deliver better quality lessons and supported our team to deal with the operational challenges of scaling through product. I feel very grateful for all the great work Niels delivered for us.

James Grant

Niels will strengthen any team with his positive attitude, friendly nature and explorative approach to product design. He has a can-do approach to any task and is quick to jump in and use his experience to start solving problems. He excels in exploration and prototyping ideas at an early stage which can be of real benefit to any business looking to implement design thinking into their process. Niels will always be welcome to drop in for a coffee and a chat anytime he is near Zendesk.

Tim Allison

It's been a real pleasure to work with Niels for the last 2 years. He is an awesome designer, never afraid to rise to a challenge....and he runs a killer workshop. Would hire him again in a heartbeat. :)

Frederick Haffenden

My Design Principles

Through countless projects of all kinds and sizes, I've picked up a handful of insights that lay the foundations of my overarching approach to design

Aim at the objective, focus on the problem.

Design is the art of solving problems. In the context of Product Design, we’re creating a positive business impact by solving real problems for real people. In my work, I have a relentless focus on grounding our work in empathy for our customers: What do problems do they have and what are they trying to achieve? This is the basis of our design decisions.

Collaboration is key.

No great work happens in isolation - you need the ideal mix of unique perspectives and know-how from your team members to make something special. Therefore, I facilitate collaboration in my cross-functional teams through workshops, internal research and by sharing my work early and often.

Build to learn.

Building to learn is a cornerstone in my design process. I strive to shortcircuit the documentation process by prototyping our best ideas and test them in-house or with real customers. Keeping the process fast and lean like this means we’ll produce more outcome in a shorter amount of time.

Keep the process fluid.

Every project is different and comes with varying objectives of business behind it: Are you building an internal tool? Are you refining an existing feature or building a brand new product? And how about the customers - are they existing or potential? And what are the constraints on time and resources? Depending on the answers from these types of questions, I’ll tailor the specific project plan -  I’ll mix and match approaches and techniques from various design frameworks from Lean UX, JBTD, Design Thinking, or, Design Sprints or even create my own team exercises to work through problems.

Keep it playful.

No matter how daunting the task, how tight the deadline, keeping a playful mindset will aid you through. I believe that making my team feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves into our projects, we’ll achieve more, do it quicker and have a blast while doing it.

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