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Hi! I’m Niels and I landed my first Product Design gig by accident

I started as a Product Manager, but...

My team didn't have any design resources at hand. Someone had to design the features we would build. I decided that someone should be me.

As I handed in my first spec, I couldn’t believe my luck - Someone would actually pay me to do this! I knew I’ve found my calling and didn’t look back. I plunged into the multifaceted world of Design, devoured any materials I could get my hands on. I initially focussed on understanding the core principles of UI Design whilst learning more about business development on the go.

As my projects became more complex, I dove into the world of design strategy and process management. If I'd read about an approach or technique that resonated, I’d immediately experimented with it in my projects. Through a painful process of trial and error, I learned how to conduct effective workshops, leading up to management, work with devs and much more.

Since my initial foray into Product Design, I've come across varies industries and have learned from more talented people than I have wished for. I've dabbled in anything from enterprise-grade software to the thriving start-up scene in London. On my journey, I've picked up pieces of wisdom and honed my craft. The read thread through my career has been a drive to delight the customer. In my world, that means we're striving to not just solve the customers problems, but to do so in a way the exceeds their expectations.

Outside of work, I live in London with my wife and my little daughter.  Before the lockdown hit, I’d do Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu but these days, I’m into kettlebells to keep my health and sanity in check. I'm disciplined about learning and keep honing my craft. In my sparetime, I dabbled with coding projects, currently hacking away at a pet project of mine in React.

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