Here’s a list of some of the places I’ve worked and recommendations from past colleagues. For an updated version, please refer to my LinkedIn page.


Senior Product Designer
iTech Media
OCT 2020 - Present

Senior Product Designer
OCT 2018 - OCT 2020

Working on end-to-end projects and collaborating with teams throughout the organisation. Project include App design, updating the Design System and Brand Design.

Product Designer (Contract)
JUL 2018 - OCT 2018

Working as a contract Product Designer, I'm helping the start-up to flesh out new features, UI design, and onboarding flows.

Product Designer
AUG 2017 - JUN 2018

Product Designer on Zendesk's Help Center and knowledge management offering, Zendesk Guide. Conducted and participated in workshops such as Design Sprints and User Story Mapping. Took ideas from ideation to implementation. Collaborated with teams across the globe. Worked on with Branding team on defining the product personality and contributed with animation guidelines for the Design System

Product Designer
MAY 2016 - AUG 2017

Lead designer on Saxo’s online publishing platform, Saxo Publish. Undertook UX-improvements and product development

Product Manager
AUG 2015 - MAY 2016

Managed the internationalization and development of Saxo's author platform in regards to development of products services

Service Designer (internship)
Hatch & Bloom
MAY 2015 - JUL 2015

Field research in public healthcare, data analysis, user testing, service mapping, workshop planning and facilitation

Master Thesis Student
Novo Nordisk, Device R&D
FEB 2014 - JAN 2015

Exploring the possibilities for using Service Design techniques in order to enhance medical adherence

Project Assistant (internship)
Novo Nordisk, RMC
AUG 2013 - JAN 2014

Worked on the implementation of a cross-organizational data system and assisted in organizational change management


M.Sc. in IT (Information Studies)
Aarhus University
2012 - 2014
B.A. in IT (Information Studies)
Aarhus University
2009 - 2012

Self-study and Courses

JavaScript for Designers
Jun 2020
Front-End Foundations: HTML, CSS & JavaScript
APR 2020
Design+Code: Framer X / React 1 Day workshop
Build a Web App from Scratch (React & JS)
Learn UI Design
Framer JS: Innovative Prototyping
Fundamentals of UX Design
Prototyping: Just Real Enough!
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
Applied Service Design Techniques
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
International Study Abroad
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia


Niels joined MyTutor 2 years ago, to help us mature a fast-growing new tutoring product for schools. I really enjoyed working with Niels. He brought great ideas to the table, a strong commitment to our mission and a creative energy to the business that grew our appreciation of great UX and design. Along his MyTutor journey, Niels contributed heavily to innovations that made a big impact. He has helped to make our programmes easier for schools to manage, ensured our tutors can deliver better quality lessons and supported our team to deal with the operational challenges of scaling through product. I feel very grateful for all the great work Niels delivered for us.

James Grant
Co-Founder at MyTutor

It's been a real pleasure to work with Niels for the last 2 years. He is an awesome designer, never afraid to rise to a challenge....and he runs a killer workshop. Would hire him again in a heartbeat. :)

Frederick Haffenden
Head of Product @ MyTutor

I worked with Niels for 2 years as his product manager. Throughout that time we worked on a wide range of problems and with different types of users. Niels was a great colleague and very easy to work with. He was professional, communicative and proud of his work. We developed a very successful working relationship over our two years which enabled us to make a consistently impact on our users' lives. I particularly appreciated his appetite to learn and improve at his job. Niels owned both design and user research in our projects (our squads were small!) so he gained experience in a wide range of areas. He is strong in: - User research, in particular discovery interviews and prototype tests - Leading a design process, involving research, consolidation and ideation - Working across functions, by involving members of teams (Ops, Marketing etc) to design the best solution - UX/UI design: he owned both interaction and interface on projects

Bertie O' Brien
Product Manager @ MyTutor

Niels will strengthen any team with his positive attitude, friendly nature and explorative approach to product design. He has a can-do approach to any task and is quick to jump in and use his experience to start solving problems. He excels in exploration and prototyping ideas at an early stage which can be of real benefit to any business looking to implement design thinking into their process. Niels will always be welcome to drop in for a coffee and a chat anytime he is near Zendesk.

Tim Allison
Director of Product Design (EMEA) @ Zendesk

I worked with Niels over the course of a year on challenging user experience and design projects leading to the release of several successful new features. Consistently, Niels brought intelligence, great design, systems-thinking and sound judgement to his work. He was a pleasure to work with at the team and individual level, and I can recommend Niels without reservation to any forward-thinking, customer-centric organisation looking to create new value in their products through design, user experience, and innovative thinking for features and new capabilities.

Benjamin Keyser
VP Product at Contentful

I've had the pleasure of working alongside Niels on several projects and participating in the workshops he's been leading. Together, we have collaborated throughout the entire product development cycle, from early stages to final implementation. Niels ability to keep iterating on a problem until a good solution is found really stood out to me. He is also a very pragmatic product designer. I've appreciated that Niels made sure to always include me, as an engineer, in his work. Niels is constantly exploring new ways, interactions and ideas to solve design challenges. In new exploring solutions, he's often engaged me with prototypes to discuss the technical feasibility and get feedback. I've enjoyed working with Niels. He was a great colleague, really pleasant and easy to work with and I can only give him my best recommendations.

Luis Almeida
Staff Software Engineer at Zendesk Guide

I worked with Niels at Zendesk. Niels worked as a product designer with me. We worked on a few different projects together. Niels worked really well with the engineering teams and product teams to deliver on what customers and the business needed. Working with him was really easy and he was always willing to take input and feedback and worked through any challenges in his way. Niels also led a number of initiatives from the design side. He led designs sprints, workshops and other activities with the team to flesh out ideas and requirements. From there he really owned the process of taking all that input, turning it into a prototype and testing it with customers. I'd definitely recommend Niels as a great, collaborative product designer who works well with product and engineering and has a ton of valuable skills to bring to the team.

Ryan McGrew
Director of Product, Guide and Gather @ Zendesk

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Niels on various projects. During our time together, I’ve come to know Niels as a driven and professional individual. As a designer, Niels is always striving to deliver aesthetically pleasing and intuitive design. His approach is exploratory and systematic while staying focused on the target. Niels is self-directed in his work and always stay in close collaboration with developers and stakeholders in his projects, ensuring his designs are both technically feasible and meets business requirements He takes ownership of his projects, while staying open to constructive critique: any well-argumented opinion is welcomed and considered. As a person, Niels is always looking to expand his skill set to add to his arsenal. I would consider Niels as being cool, calm and collected, with an always positive attitude. He has been a great colleague and I can only give Niels my highest recommendations.

Sam Blåsvaer
Senior Frontend Architect at Saxo and freelance at Anchor

I have had the pleasure to manage Niels throughout his employment at During his time, Niels has been the main driver on a multitude of projects. His responsibilities have spanned from UX-optimization and graphic design tasks to full product development projects. Niels has effectively been engaged in product ideation, concept validation, UX/UI design, prototyping and testing to the implementation of the final product. In his work, Niels is always striving to deliver work of topmost quality, making solutions that both meets business criteria as well as user needs while still being technically feasible. I've come to know Niels as a hard worker, team player, and a good colleague, thus I am happy to give Niels my highest recommendations.

Claus Kenberg
CDO & CIO at Saxo

We’ve been very pleased with Niels’ level of professionalism and his ability to hit the ground running with complex tasks. He’s exhibited an exquisite eye for detail in his work and has been able to juggle multiple tasks and deliver on time. He is well versed in different human-centered design techniques and has a deep- rooted theoretical and practical understanding of our fundamental work process, Design Thinking. He is also a splendid writer and knows how to write in a short and simple but still precise and thick descriprictive way. As a person and collegue, Niels is easy going and has seamlessly entered the social life and workflow at Hatch & Bloom. All in all, we been more than pleased by his work. We can only give Niels our warmest recommendations and we wish him the best of luck in his future career path.

Fenja Lyng
Change Strategist & Process Designer at Hatch & Bloom

Niels has written his master thesis in connection with our department, Innovation Facilitation, in Device R&D, Novo Nordisk A/S, and I have been his supervisor on the company side. Through his thesis Niels have worked with methods from service design and theories from service marketing - to the field of users of insulin devices. It has been a pleasure to have Niels in the department. When he finalized his work he held a presentation for the entire department, which both inspired us and created reflections and interesting discussions in the team. Niels is, as a person, very positive and pro-active and works dedicated with his tasks. I am confident that the skills and knowledge he has accumulated through his work with the thesis is applicable to any design or service design process where people and objects are related through a complex web of interactions. I can only give Niels my warmest recommendations.

Kirsten Lauritsen
Anthropologist & Specialist in User Inisght at Novo Nordisk, Device R&D